Why Using a Digital Agency is Important for Search Engine Ranking

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Search engine optimization is a key force in marketing a website. It lays down the foundation for specific keywords and keyword phrases that are associated with the products and services of a business. It also entails link building and incorporating social media. Without formulating a solid SEO strategy into a marketing plan, a website faces the risk of losing out on traffic and can even suffer penalties. Here are some important reasons why using a digital agency is important for search engine ranking and marketing on the internet.

Building Links

Building links back to a website from other high-quality websites is still an important strategy that helps a website rank high in popular search engines. In the past, a website would rank high by creating numerous links from websites that were directories, unrelated or spammy. That practice has changed. In fact, that type of link building will result in penalties. Unfortunately, some competitors know this and will create spammy links to a website that belongs to the competition. They do this so that Google will penalize the site. This is just one of the reasons why hiring a digital agency for search engine optimization is a necessity and well worth their price. A person can see all of the tactics and strategies that an expert search engine optimization company will perform by visiting http://honeycomb.buzz/inbound-marketing-pricing/.

Creating Valuable Content

One of the key factors that Google uses to rank a website is user experience. If a website offers poor information, it probably will not get ranked too high in the search engines. Google helps websites rank in key positions when they offer high-quality content. This includes infographs, instructive videos, high-quality images and educational material. Many businesses do not have the time or knowledge to create this type of content on a consistent basis. Fortunately, an expert digital agency can perform an audit on the content of a business’s website to determine if it can be improved. Often times, an seo expert can add quality content that attracts incoming links and is valuable in the eyes of Google.

Social Media and SEO

With the expansion and popularity of social media sites, website owners have had to change how they look at search engine optimization. While on-page and off-page search engine optimization are two important components of ranking in search engines, social media has now become another important factor in how Google and other search engines rank websites. While building links from social sites may not be the exact criteria that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration when handing out website rankings, it will help search engine optimization in a roundabout way. Shares and likes on social sites increase brand awareness. High-quality posts, videos and images on social sites will also help drive traffic to a website. In fact, Google analytics offers a way to track metrics so that webmasters can understand how social sites are affecting potential customers. For these reasons, it’s usually best practice to let a digital agency handle both social media and search engine optimization. This ensures that both areas carry out the message that a brand is trying to portray.