What To Do When Someone Posts Your Nude Photos Online

In the era of internet and social media, cyber crimes or cyber bullying has taken its height too. One of the most common cyber crime is Non-consensual pornography, which means posting nude photos of any individual without their knowledge or consent. This crime can exploit the reputation of the victim to a huge level. Thus, the punishment for the offenders is also very severe and tough.

This is also commonly referred as “revenge porn” which means taking revenge upon someone through leaking their nude images. So if you, unfortunately, find yourself in the same trap, do not keep silence. Stand your ground and follow some steps or procedures that will help you get justice.


The very first thing you need to do is remove your photo from public domain permanently and make sure that it hasn’t been leaked to any other social media. Consult the experts of cyber hacking and make sure that the photo is deleted completely from each social media platform.

Contact the Websites

There are many websites on the internet that host revenge porn. So if your photo is on one of those sites, then taking it down won’t be an easy task. If the websites don’t bring the images down, then you will have to bring a claim against them and go to the court.

You will also need to have an injunction sought from the court. The operator of the website may deny bringing down the images, so drafting an injunction against them will help you stop the further distribution of the images.

Civil Laws/Criminal Laws

If the case has gone out of your hands or is very severe, then it is advised to turn to the police. According to the civil laws of your local government, your case will be handled and the offender would be punished.

This type of cybercrime is a criminal offence too as it includes harassment, blackmailing and voyeurism. So you can even contact a cybercrime lawyer, who can handle your case and will help you get justice.

Stay Safe

If you have a suspicion on someone that they have leaked your private photos online, then here are some easy steps to confirm it and remove that image from the internet.

  • You can first try to type your name in the Google image search. A more effective way is to “search by image” icon.
  • You paste the image here or the URL of the image. If there will be your photo floating on the internet, then the search results will show them.
  • Immediately take a screenshot of the Google image search and document it. You can then report the same photo by filling out a form on Google.

Though these are just the primary steps in dealing with this type of cyber crime, turning to a lawyer or the police seem to be the right option to catch the offender. Instead of feeling ashamed or embarrassed, you should go for a legal action against the offender and make sure that they get the necessary punishment for their crime.